I founded MesoPortrayal in 2016 with the simple mission of correcting the misportrayal of Mesopotamia. By proficiently curating content that celebrates contemporary Assyrian art & culture, I seek to change the negative narrative surrounding the cradle of civilization.

For the Modern Mesopotamian

Four years later, the brand has evolved into a digital society & culture collective. Comprising of Mesopotamian inspired art, fashion, music and pop culture, the page promotes up and coming creatives and progressive thinkers.

Digital Arts District

Perhaps the greatest feat of the MesoPortrayal brand has been to create a community of over 14k followers. For a stateless people, the community on the page has become somewhat of a digital arts district to meet likeminded creatives.

By inviting artists to take over the channel, partnering with designers to offer discounted products and hosting open mic nights for emerging talent – MesoPortrayal continues to expand its presence across platforms and build community online.

Pomegranate Juice, Painting by Esther Elia 2020

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courtesy of Juliana Jendo, 1990